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Go For The Sights 

St. Lucia offers no shortage of places to do sightseeing across the island. From beaches and waterfalls to rainforests and lush mountains, exploring the island and doing some sightseeing is definitely one of the “things to do” in St. Lucia. Here are some of the best sightseeing spots across the island.

Marigot Bay

One of the most gorgeous Natural harbours in the Caribbean, Marigot Bay is a bay within a bay and is a favourite anchorage spot for boaters. However, it also happens to be a great sightseeing location in St. Lucia, as dense hillsides descend into the beach (which also happens to be filled with lots of palm trees), with the docked yachts gentling bobbing on the crystal blue waters.

The Pitons

The pitons are two towering mountains located in Soufriere St. Lucia. Gros Piton, is the larger of the two and is about 798 broad, while Petit Piton is 750 (metres broad (however, Petit Piton (2619 ft.) is taller than Gros Piton (2461 ft.). While the two may be difficult to climb for hikers, most visitors just sit back and view them for their scenic beauty, while divers enjoy exploring them as underwater cliffs. For those willing to brave the strenuous hike, Gros Piton is said to be easier to climb and takes about 4 hours (round trip).


Soufriere is steeped in history as much as it is seeped in beauty. It was founded in 1745 and the town square was one of its most prominent features. This town square was the site of the guillotine erected during the French Revolution of 1780. And thus was the site where many plantation owners and their families were executed. Located a block away from the town square is the wharf, the stopping point of many sightseeing cruise’s to the town.

Morne Coubaril Estate

This is popular stop for many tourists on their visit to St Lucia. The estate still houses a fully functioning plantation, where guests can tour its gardens and an ideal replica of a traditional village. During the tour, guides conduct various demonstrations including (but not limited to) the processing of coconut, and how cocoa and sugar cane syrup are produced. After the tour, guests are treated to a sumptuous Creole lunch at the plantation’s restaurant, but the most adventurous activity when you visit this estate is the hour-long zipline adventure in plain view of the Pitons.

Morne Fortune

Previously home to some of the most brutal battles between the French and the English, Morne Fortune is now a perfect sightseeing spot for visitors in St. Lucia. It offers panoramic views of Castries and the harbour and, on a clear day, visitors can even see the neighbouring island of Martinique. Visitors can also explore old military buildings and cannons on the property.

Edmund Rain Forest Reserve

This dense, tropical rainforest stretches from one side of St. Lucia to another (covering 19000 acres of mountains and valleys). It is a popular spot to hike and the trail takes about 2 and a half hours. As it is home to a multiplicity of many exotic flowers, plants and rare birds (including the brightly feathered Jacquot parrot), hikers on their trek will spot birds such as the St Lucia parrot, St Lucia oriole, Sempers warbler, and St Lucia wren, and plants such as the Blue Mahoe and Honduras Mahogany. Most visitors access the trail in four-wheel-drive.

Anse Chastanet Marine National Park

St. Lucia has just as much to see and explore belowrive safari vehicles as the road is rough and rocky and the vegetation is quite dense. the ocean as it does above. The Anse Chastanet coral reef harbour is one of these such adventures and consists of a wide variety of sea life. On a plateau of two to eight meters, divers as they explore are sure to see sea coloured sponges, soft corals, boulder and brain corals, frogfish as well parrotfish, barracudas and goat fish. The edge of the plateau is a wall that drops 46 meters where divers can view lobsters, crabs and eels.

Rodney Bay

Described at “St. Lucia’s “tourist magnet”, Rodney Bay is located on the Gros Islet northern end of St. Lucia. With its picturesque beach, Rodney Bay offers many water sorts to its visitors. In addition to this, it is surrounded by many hotels, restaurants and shopping areas. When you get tired after exploring all that the Bay has to offer, step into the island’s only casino, and enjoy a game of cards. Rodney Bay is also considered one of the Caribbean’s premier yachting centres and yacht charters, as well as sightseeing day trips can be arranged at the marina.

Diamond Botanical Gardens

Diamond Botanical Gardens, Waterfall & Mineral Baths, located on Soufriere Estate, this sightseeing attraction is a three in one deal. First you can explore the wonderful gardens, with bushes and shrubs bursting with amazingly beautiful flowers of a variety of species. Then, you can snap photos of the beautiful waterfall, formed as water bubbles from the surface from the underground sulphur springs and flows downhill. . Finally, there is the mineral hot spring baths, which are fed by the underground springs and said to be originally built for the troops of King Louis the XVI of France. Now, they are used for soothing and relaxing baths and are said to have healing properties.

Armed with this list of the best places to explore in St. Lucia, you only have one option. Grab a pair of binoculars and rent a car or trek on foot (hiking) and explore these and other beautiful sights that St. Lucia has to offer.