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Go for the Adventure

St. Lucia, a country that caters a jam-packed number of activities to its visitors. Whether you decide to roam by land, grace the skies or explore the deep seas, you will be delighted by the variety offered here. When you come for the adventure, you come to spring out of your comfort zone, get your adrenaline rushing and create incredible memories for a lifetime. Find your daring self with these activities.

Dive into the Ocean - Snorkel / Scuba

Take your wanderlust under the sea and immerse yourself in the a wealth of coral reefs and underwater life. Try out Le Sport, and marvel at where the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea connect. Or surround yourself with the population of scorpion fish, flying gurnard and maybe even some stingrays

Take A Scenic Spin Class - Go Biking!

Get your heart rate up while cruising through lush forest trails. From country roads, across bridges and even past Errard Falls, take it all in with this unique and charming experience. Pack some water, your sneakers and discover with Rainforest Cycling Adventure.

Enjoy A Scenic Bus Ride

There is no better way to truly discover a country than this! From the city of Castries to the rustic countryside, get the full tour of St. Lucia, you won’t get anywhere else. Try any of the four major routes available, but forget, this service ends at 6 pm.

Ready! Set! Hike!

From getting up close to local flora and fauna, to gazing at the scenic views from the Twin Pitons, hiking is a fantastic way to journey in St. Lucia. Get up, get your sneakers and go channel your inner explorer


Take a Helicopter Ride

View utopia from the clouds. Watch in awe from the comfort of your seat as the bird’s eye view just eases by. Worth every dime! Try it out with St. Lucia Helicopter Rides.

Rampage in the Waterpark

Cool off from the tropical rays. Grab the kids and your inner child, and smile in pure glee, as you swim and play and slide range through this aquatic amusement park. Try the Splash Island Amusement Park on your trip.

Master A Jet Ski

Quicken the pace with the water-borne thriller. Hand on tight as you glide across the ocean at lightning speed. Don’t miss the chance to glance at dolphins in their natural habitat. See you there.

Go On Safari

Jump on a truck or biggie and ride into the sunset. This bumpy excursion is the ultimate undertaking for those who crave a thrill. Go from roadside scenes to off-road paths that send your sense into pure ecstasy! Feel the rush with the Soufriere Safari today.

Tackle a Fish

Cast your line for a chance to grab a collection of marlin, dolphin or barracuda, while whale watching and an ice cold beer. Look for Deep Sea Fishing to book your aquatic adventure today.

Zip Across the Zip-Line

Fly through the treetops and feel the exhilaration charge through your body. Open your eyes and a stare at the blissful magic of the tropical landscape surrounding you. Interested in living on the wild side? Then check out Rainforest Adventures Aerial Tram and Zipline.