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Go for the Beaches

The beach...a place for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Tyr one or all of our top 10 beaches on your next vacation.


Jalousie Beach

This alluring site, with ivory sand and clear waters, is a favourite for snorkelers and scuba divers. A short distance away, lies the Sugar Beach resort, the site of the former Jalousie Plantation.

Marigot Bay

This west coast beach is the ideal place to forget all of your problems. The glimmering white sand and picturesque views of Hollywood fame will urge you to unwind and relax. Spend time watching the yachts come and or enjoy any of the nearby bars and restaurants.

Reduit Beach

This lovers lane hosts five miles of white shores and calm waters, perfect for a romantic sunset stroll. This easy-going beach is also an avid place to try your hand at windsurfing and water skiing. Round off your day with a meal from any of the close restaurants and bars including the Rodney Bar Marina.

Pigeon Island National Park

Time to take in the sea, sun and a little history. This national treasure not only provides a good swimming area but also a mini-museum and a chance to climb and view the Fort Rodney Ruins. You may even see Martinique! Hungry? Don’t worry, two on-site eateries and rum bar are here to serve you.

Anse Chastanet

Anse ChastanetOne of the best places for snorkelling and diving, Anse Chastanet has a stunning underwater scene. The Anse Chastanet Reef falls away from 20 to 140 feet in an expanse of rainbow coloured corals and other aquatic life. The adjacent resort of the same name offers tourists use of its on-site restaurant and dive shop.

Grand Anse

Laying against rolling cliffs, stands a mile stretch of pale sand, is this lovely spot for turtle lovers. Come see Turtle Watch where endangered leatherbacks push themselves onshore to lay their eggs.

Anse Louvert

Wanna retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban life? Well pack some food and water and head to this isolated yet magical spot. Only accessible by foot due to its rocky environment, this beach is perfect for those that long for privacy. Watch the waves pummel against the Sorciere mountains and view the abundant wildlife including leatherback turtles. Check out the nearby St. Lucia Folk Research Centre or Fort Charlotte. However, there are no restaurants or bars in the immediate area.

Anse Cochon

Translucent waters juxtaposed against dark sand give this milelong shore an incredible look. Part of the National, Marine Reserve, the underwater reefs much this an excellent destination for snorkelling, swimming and diving. Accessible by jeep or boat, this also serves as rest stop for daily catamaran cruises. And don’t worry, the beachside Tikaye Resort and Spa provides food, drinks, a dive shop and bathroom access.

Cas en Bas

Located deep within one of the island's coves,  is this mile-long stretch of exquisite beach. The calm and shallow waters stretch far out, making them good conditions for swimming and wading. The laid back atmosphere also adds to a romantic appeal as it is a great spot for picnicking and strolls. Escape the midday heat to any of the several restaurants and hotels including the Beach Club Restaurant and Cotton Bay Village Resort respectively. Looking for something more exciting, check out the nearby Treasure Bay Casino or try a round of golf at the St. Lucia Golf and Country Club.

Rudy John Beach Park

Experience authentic St. Lucian culture at this family-friendly beach in Laborie. Sit under lush almond trees and watch the variety of vegetation or the fishermen bringing in their daily catch. Feeling peckish? Try any of the plentiful small restaurants or get a taste of fresh Creole bread from the Catholic Church. Nice and crusty! Cherish this experience with a souvenir from the Papèl Craft Centre. Eat, lime and enjoy.


While exploring the lavish beaches of St. Lucia, here are a few pursuits you may want to try.


  • Pump up your adrenaline with this energetic water sport. If you don't know how, try Aquaholics Kitesurfing for lessons and workshops in surfing, wind and kitesurfing along Cas en Bas beach.


  • Come watch the miracle of "birth". Well kinda... turtles lay eggs. Around April, the endangered leatherbacks female turtle come ashore and lay their eggs. An Amazing experience!


  • Pump up your adrenaline with this energetic water sport. If you don't know how to, try Aquaholics Kitesurfing, for lessons and workshops in surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing along Cas en Bas beach.


  • Travel along the calm waters to wherever your heart desires - Pigeon Island, Gros Islet or Marigot Bay - Arrive or leave any of these locations via private water taxi. Try Solomon Water Taxi and Tours today.


  • Exploring the beach around late springtime, then check out any of the several concerts, fusion of local, regional and international jazz. Let the music soothe your soul while chilling in the Pigeon Island National Park.


  • Sailing is the best way to experience St. Lucia. With fishing trips, snorkelling, sailing and even whale watching being available. Interested? Try Mystic Man Tours and start your adventure today.


  • Take in the glorious colours of the sky, on a romantic sunset stroll along the beach, with your significant other. We recommend Reduit beach, for a beautiful beach, calm waters and a romantic feel.


  • Saddle up with Atlantic Shores Riding Stables for a family-friendly horseback adventure. Travel along magnificent trails atop your steed, enjoy expansive ocean views or take a dip in the ocean.


  • Bask in the tropical rays of this island paradise and return home with a fabulous tan. Rent a beach chair or lounge on a catamaran and enjoy yourself comfortably. But don't forget to hydrate and apply that sunblock.


  • Come up close to the diverse array of fringing reefs along the island’s coastline. Be prepared to be surrounded by the bounty of colourful fish including parrot fish, needle fish and sergeant majors.