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Go for the Sights

Oh what a wonderful sight! Sight seeing in St. Lucia is much more than just looking around. Its an opportunity to interact with nature in an awe-inspiring way and a chance to see the heritage that blossoms on the island. From the towering mountains and vast ocean, to the bustling cities and remarkable landmarks, your eyes will be overjoyed beholds them. Come experience them right here in St. Lucia. These are the best ways to view sights in St. Lucia.

Our Favourite Spots on the Island

A pristine forest with  views of trails, waterfalls and seascapes that will dazzle. On your trek through the forest, look out for wild flowers, including orchids and lianas that grow nearby. Are you a bird lover? Well you’ll love this. Look around in awe as the birds weave through the treetops. So much to see, and so little time. Lace up your hiking shoes and visit today.

The pools of black water, the waterfalls and the active volcano. There is a lot to see here. Admire the surrounding flora while soaking in the mineral baths. What a way to do some sightseeing.

Be wowed by some of the most scenic views in the island. Climb to the top of the nearby lighthouse and watch as the views just get better. Don’t forget to take photos. Check it out on your stay.

Go sightseeing in the city for endless wonders. With the historical monuments like the Sir John George Melvin Compton Statue to the Castries Market flooded with lively colours, to the glory of the Immaculate Conception Church, there is always something new to see. Get your camera and go!

There is no better sight than this! Take in everything from the yachts gliding in, to the rustling of the dancing trees or when the luminous glow of the sunset on the waves. How could you possibly miss this!

There is no better sight than this! Take in everything from the yachts gliding in, to the rustling of the dancing trees or when the luminous glow of the sunset on the waves. How could you possibly miss this!

From the sea to the mountain tops, this local park has many sights this will leave you in awe. Whether viewing the sights of the underwater life, the ancient ruins of the Fort Rodney or the picture perfect sight of expansive landscapes, this is a place that you shouldn’t go without seeing. Open from 9 am to 5 pm daily. Admission $ 1 USD for children 5 to 12 and $ 7 USD for adults.

This 2,000-acre forest area is home to several breath-taking trails, waterfalls and rivers. The Diamond Botanical Gardens, the feature attraction of the estate, is a 6 acre forest of blossoming flora, scampering fauna and rivers including the Diamond River, that runs black with volcanic mud. Nothing could delight your eyes more than this. Check out on your next visit.

What Should You Do?

Prepare to be stunned by the endless ocean. The island’s west coast is crawling with miles of varicoloured fringing reefs. The a miraculous sight by day or night.

There’s no better way to see this island! Sail away and get a radiant view of the sun, the sea, the mountains, the towns and everywhere else. Your eyes won’t look anywhere else.

Stroll along the beaches, through the streets of Castries or up the trails of the forests. Create your own journey, take your time, you won’t miss a thing with the wind in your hair and marvellous sights around you.

Rocky roads and bumps won’t stop us from seeking out the wonders of St. Lucia. From crossroads to the trails, your eyes will be fixed on the mesmerizing wildlife, cities and people on this island.

Sightseeing can be affordable too. Castries to the countryside, Gros Islet to Marigot Bay, get an expansive and unique around St. Lucia. Don’t forget, these services end at 6 pm.

Rev your engine and cruise through the streets, past the mountains, over the volcano and along the beach. Feel free to chose your destination. With your foot on the gas, nothing can stop you here. Try Elite Car Rentals

Become entranced in the local flora and fauna and take in the splendour of the rolling hills and the stretching shores. Haven’t been hiking as yet? Then what are you waiting for? Go explore.

Nothing can block your view from all the way up here. In a helicopter, everything looks even better and there is nothing to distract you. Marigot Bay has never been so gorgeous! See the island from a while new angle on your trip here.

Transport yourself into the trees. The birds are your company as you glide in the aerial tram let time slow down. You have more than enough time to relax and enjoy the breeze, rustling leaves all around and miles of colours ahead of you.

Try to avoid the leaves as you zip through the treetops. Don’t wanna look around? Well, you’ll miss an extravagant area of vegetation under you. Don’t miss out on the chance to catch a glimpse paradise from one from its best angle